Reconfiguration of Sales Division for Anon, Security Company
By 2012 this specialist security company (who wishes to remain anonymous) had been experiencing declining revenues for three straight years due to a combination of economic factors, poor pricing policy and competitor mergers. On appointment to the role of Sales Director, Richard set about assessing, then re-invigorating and developing a woefully demotivated national sales team by shrewd use of common sense leadership techniques, motivational activities and quality management practises to provide a basic sales infrastructure.

Richard’s first priority was to arrest and quickly reverse the decline in sales but several key elements for success needed to be put in place first: A cleansed Pipeline, new forecasting tools, new lead generation, a sales & marketing plan – and most importantly, a well-motivated and equipped sales team. He managed to exceed the previous years’ turnover in his first year in post whilst simultaneously cutting costs and putting in place all of the above success factors in preparation for year two, which was consequently another success.

Richard increased sales by 12% in his first year and by 16% in the second year, along with a significant growth in profitability. He devised & executed an integrated sales, marketing & operations plan, yielding a 21% process cost saving. He coached & performance managed his sales teams through a re-structure, leading to a 14% KPI improvement and introduced operational efficiencies, saving £414k per annum.