Outwrite-logoOutwrite has been a successful PR, SEO and social media agency for over 20 years but since the recession, retention rates and new business generation had dropped off, albeit most long-term clients remained loyal. This led Outwrite to question its go-to-market strategy and investigate means of restoring business turnover to previous levels. The business decided to overhaul its sales & marketing strategy, in order to focus on sales in a way that would not detract from the day-to-day delivery of quality core services to clients. There was also recognition that boardroom-level sales training, strategy and supporting infrastructure was needed to take the business to where it needed to be.

In order to properly analyse and fully assess Outwrite’s detailed requirements, Sales Training Machine’s consultants spent time immersed in the business, learning about its style, culture and day-to-day activities. In collaboration with the Outwrite senior management team, this shaped the sales strategy and the programme of sales training and coaching needed to achieve the new growth plan.

Following the initial induction, immersion and familiarization phases, Sales Training Machine delivered some detailed end-to-end sales process training, followed by some boardroom level, consultative sales training and personal coaching in advanced negotiation techniques for senior Outwrite staff. This armed key personnel with the tools, methodologies and confidence to tackle high-level and complex sales contract talks, during which they achieved notable success and improved profit margins. They went on to improve sales conversion rates and other sales KPIs that contributed to the bottom line.

Tracy North, the owner and MD of Outwrite PR (and current Chair of CBI North Wales) commented:
“We wanted to review the sales strategy and techniques practised by senior PR consultants at Outwrite who also sell. From Richard, we learned about the selling lifecycle and structured techniques to navigate the sales process from start to finish. Richard’s well-structured and energetic delivery made our learning and role-playing enjoyable as well as useful. During 23 years building the business, I’d sought such training for my senior team without success. Our sales conversion rate has now improved thanks to techniques we learned from Sales Training Machine. I recommend them!”

Anthony Bullick, Head of Digital at Outwrite PR commented:
“Sales Training Machine provided us with a detailed and in-depth programme of sales and negotiation training. Each session moved at a fast pace and kept me engaged throughout. More importantly, it provided me with the confidence to enhance my skills in actual business meetings. Thanks to the training we have been winning more new business and increased our conversion rate.”