Fibrecity Access Agreements for H20 Networks…..

In 2010, H2O Networks, part of the i3 Group, was deeply involved in building ‘Fibre Cities’ within Glasgow and Bournemouth, installing optical fibre rings and backhaul to deliver Fibre to the Home (FTTH) across these major conurbations for the provision of affordable, high-speed broadband services to homes, businesses and public services. Traditional civil engineering methods were proving expensive and slow.

Richard was appointed to lead the group’s strategic negotiation team, which had been attempting for some years to sign framework agreements with UK water companies to allow installation of the Fibre Optic Cable Underground System (FOCUS) into sewers – a unique methodology patented by the i3 Group that reduced infrastructure installation costs by up to 80% when compared to traditional open-trench techniques.

On appointment Richard immediately identified the critical success factors, reconfigured his team and targeted the key water companies concerned in order to concentrate and focus resource and effort. Within four months, Richard signed a landmark access agreement with Scottish Water that had been in negotiation for several years without conclusion. This was achieved through a combination of utter focus on success, unrelenting determination and an ability to motivate and direct a diverse ‘virtual team’ of operational and legal experts, as well as his own direct reports. His second agreement followed two months later. Together these two Framework Access Agreements saved £9m by allowing fibre into sewers rather than entrenching it.