NSM was tasked to design and deliver a series of seminars to introduce new sixth form pupils to some of the key business concepts they would encounter during their tenure as Directors and Managers of the various Moreton Enterprise business units, which have a combined annual turnover of £50,000.

Using its considerable network of associates and partner organisations, the Directors of three local businesses – Myddelton Estates, The Silver Agency and, Sage & Sea – and a successful children’s author, Ceci Jenkinson were all brought in to talk about some basic business concepts, including the following:

   Accounting, budgeting, cash flow & pricing
   The conventions & etiquette of a Board Meeting
   Leading & managing a team, setting objectives & plans
   Accurate record keeping, stock management & reporting

Following inspirational talks by Zanny Minton-Beddoes (of the Economist) Rachel Clacher of Moneypenny and organisations like Debretts, these sessions were created by NSM and its associates to teach pupils about the everyday challenges and tasks involved in leading and managing a successful business.

“Moreton Enterprises encourages students to explore business ideas and actually roll their sleeves up, take some calculated risks and give it a try. Our aim is to prepare young women for successful careers beyond school. Moreton Enterprises is a perfect example of how we can make this goal a reality.”
Jonathan Forster – Principal