In 2008, the Welsh Assembly Government partnered with Geo Networks to commence installation of an optical fibre network connecting business parks between Manchester and Anglesey. WAG owned the network and Geo retained the commercialisation rights, leading to the setup of Fibrespeed.

Richard was appointed to spearhead Fibrespeed Limited, a division of Geo Networks with the objective of wholesaling the network infrastructure to create a thriving retail market of Internet Service Providers, who were then contracted by Fibrespeed to offer broadband products and services. In order to achieve this, Richard set up a team comprising both operational and sales staff, established the Fibrespeed Headquarters in North Wales and drove sales, marketing, PR and events to promote the network from launch.

Richard signed up 20 ISPs in his first quarter in post, exceeding WAG’s target by 250%. He recruited, selected and trained a new sales team who then, under his leadership, closed ten deals worth over £650k in his second quarter in role – all whilst the network was still pre-operational! Richard also influenced larger players such as Virgin to buy wholesale derivative products, which then helped him create the broad and vibrant Welsh broadband market commensurate with other UK regions, which was WAG’s key objective.