About Us

Who we are

New Sales Machine provides sales leadership, strategy and training to a wide range of organisations. What does that mean? Well, we sell on behalf of our clients, supplying sales resources and sales management on an outsourced basis. We set up sales teams, devise sales & marketing strategies and put in place sales infrastructure – processes, tools, systems, policies. We provide sales training to enhance selling capability, develop competencies, coach skills and mentor talent. We offer many sales courses and frequently devise new ones for our Sales Academy clients. We’re sales people through and through. Why not call us on 07716 598890 for a no-obligation chat?


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Our skills

The skillset that the NSM Team possess is immense.

Sales Management90%
Sales Leadership90%
Sales & Marketing70%
Sales Training80%
Our proposition

At New Sales Machine, we offer cost-effective sales infrastructure, training and performance management to build sales divisions that deliver RESULTS.

  • Market-leading sales growth to add measureably to your bottom line
  • Winning strategies and successful sales teams to help your business grow
  • Expertise, resources and tools to give you cost-effective sales infrastructure
  • Fulfilment of all opportunities whilst managing costs in line with your budget
  • Short, medium or long-term consultancy solutions to bridge gaps or mitigate risk
Why choose us?
  1. We can save you money by providing outsourced sales expertise and infrastructure on short to long term contracts
  2. By focusing on direction and methodology we can train and steer your existing sales team forward to success
  3. We underpin your sales force with accurate reporting, timely forecasting, robust activity monitoring and quality processes


What our clients say
Our services

Do you have the resources & processes to take sales to the next level? We’ll grow sales quickly and cost-effectively. Through analysis and action, we’ll establish constructive strategies and follow up with leadership, training & tools.

Drive your growth

Do you have the right sales team? Do they deliver profitable sales? Do you have a healthy and realistic pipeline of genuine prospects or a meaningless database of dead-ends. We’ll build you a first class sales team.

Build your team

Do you have problems within your business? You know there are issues but you can’t find the root cause or solutions because you’re too close or too busy? We’ll provide you with advice, consultation and mediation services.

Resolve your pain